What Is Your Favorite BBCo Event?

Flourishing communities are built around compelling gathering places. Our aim at BBCo is to create remarkable places for our community to gather and share food, drink and the valuable matters of life. The mission of our space is to create a place people can gather and savor quality moments.

 Live Responsibly.

Drink Quality.

Build Community.

 One of the ways we are building community in our space is by offering a wide variety of events throughout the month. Whether you are a bookworm, music lover, curious about hot community topics, public speaking, supporting the arts or a believer in Christ…there is an event for everyone at Brokerage Brewing Company.

 Our two most popular events usually fall on the same week.

 Name That Tunesday.

Beer & Hymns.

 Co-owner, Brian Russell, is very intentional about stumping our guests when participating in Name That Tunesday. From names of album covers to the age of the singer, we have never had anyone (to date) receive a perfect score. Although, we do have one group that seems to dominate as the returning champ with their musical knowledge. Regardless, people keep flocking to the event. Even if they run off of “soccer rules.” Name That Tunesday is always the 4th Tuesday of the month.

 Beer & Hymns is very unique for a bar setting. This event is a casual gathering of folks who like the idea of singing with a craft beer in hand. Whether the songs are familiar or new, whether you currently attend a church or are totally turned off from it…you’re welcome here. No preaching, no pressure. Just a good ol’ fashion sing-a-long. Beer & Hymns is always the last Sunday of the month.

 We appreciate your feedback and want to learn how to make our events event better for you. Do you have an idea for an event? Let us know!


-Jen Edwards, BBCo Marketing