Road trip to Backstep Brewing Company

Get yo’self to C-ville!

It was a hop, skip and a jump down U.S. 231. 46 minutes due south, and there we were.

Located in the old Monon Hotel in downtown Crawfordsville, IN, Backstep Brewing is the brainchild of some brilliant craft-brew-loving firefighters. The four-story historic brick building cannot be missed. As you walk in, walls of exposed brick invite you deep inside.

 A substantial bar runs half the length of the space, with plenty of bar-height tables. Further back is a park’s worth of chunky picnic tables, with seating capacity of… all your friends. There was a shuffleboard table, endless stacks of board games, and firefighting paraphernalia affixed to every wall. At the very back was what looked like a stage, and, as expected, a window in to the room where the magic happens… the brewhouse.

The calendar on the wall was impressive… events, discounted drink nights… growler & spoon. (I don’t even know what that is, but it sounds cool!)

A couple chuckled up front. A quiet group of friends stood up and hugged goodbye. A lady sat alone, typing away on her laptop. The server bustled around, pouring craft happily.

 Man, what a space in downtown Crawfordsville!

 Oh, we had some of their brews, too. 40 taps. On this particular day, 15 Backstep Brews, and 25 guest taps.

Gose… a warm fermented beer, with slight lemon sourness and saltiness Berliner Weisse … a cloudy, low-alcohol German wheat beer Coffee Stout… a robust dark beer, with a hint of coffee Dunkelweiss… a deep, amber brown treat Dunkle Witz… a Munich Dunkel style lager Cream Ale… light in color and easily goes down Saison… a highly carbonated pale ale Irish Red… malty with low bitterness … the flights just kept coming.

We stopped at Wings Etc on the way in to town and grabbed endless amounts of grub to enjoy with our beer, too.

 And, as if that wasn’t enough, we were sure to stop at the Lindy Freeze on the way home to round out our caloric intake for the day… or week 😉

 If you’re looking for a little road trip or out-of-town date night, get to Backstep Brewing.


-Stacy Grove, co-owner, Brokerage Brewing Company