Beer Styles & Names

Corey here again!  Let's talk about why we brew the beer we brew, and how I come up with all these dumb names.

At Brokerage, we focus on two broad categories of beer: well executed versions of classic styles and experimental hop forward styles.  When we first opened, I threw a whole mess of spaghetti against the wall and saw what stuck, and these two broad categories are what y'all decided on!  One of the great parts about being a neighborhood brewer is that the neighborhood gets to dictate what we make, and the styles we are making right now are a direct result of the feedback you've given me over the last year.

Now, the names.  It's no secret that I'm obsessed about beer.  Did you know that I'm also obsessed with horror films and heavy metal (guy with a beard brewing for a living liking those things is a real stretch, isn't it)?  It's no secret that coming up with beer names is difficult, so I draw heavily on my other hobbies to help do some of the heavy lifting.  For example, Good Clean Cuts Red IPA is a quote from a speech in the 1987 film Slaughterhouse, one of my favorite slashers.  Is it a good film?  Not really.  Is it fun?  Absolutely!

Rather than rattling a whole bunch of the music inspired names, I thought it might be more fun to provide a small list with links to the videos the names are inspired from.  Let me know next time you see me which one's your favorite!

Curse of Malthaven - Curse of Milhaven by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Many Goblins and Trolls - Quest for the Hammer of Glory by Gloryhammer
Hopway Star - Highway Star by Deep Purple
Universal Migrator - Dawn of a Million Souls by Ayreon
Brut Brut Brut Brut No. 1 - Black No. 1 by Type O Negative
2... 2... 2... The Number of the Brut! - The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden
Starblade - The Day That The World Breaks Down by Ayreon (I really like Ayreon a ton!)


-Corey Patterson, BBCo Lead Brewer

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