A Shout Out to Our Food Truck Community

From the Farmers Market, to Purdue University, to area breweries, food trucks are starting to take over Greater Lafayette. Typical menus range from street tacos to BBQ, meat lovers to veggie lovers. We even have some trucks that offer coffee, donuts and frozen ice cream.  Street food is known to be affordable and convenient and the trucks have reinvented the idea.

And our community is flocking to them!

The food trucks have been a fun addition to Brokerage Brewing! When our guests sip on brews, they want something to munch on. The trucks have become a staple at our space from March-December.

It’s been a mutually beneficial relationship. We need them and they need us!

Today’s food trucks often feature bright colored exteriors with the name of the food truck displayed. Others are covered with artistic designs or images. The truck itself is an advertising instrument to attract present and future customers.

Plus, they look pretty cool parked out front of the brewery!

And not only are guests of the brewery becoming patrons, our nearby neighbors are walking or riding their bikes down with their families to see which truck is parked out front on any given night.

The best part of partnering with our food truck friends is seeing others follow their dreams and doing what they are truly passionate about. That is what we are trying to accomplish here at Brokerage Brewing Company and we can see that through our food truck partnerships.

We are all focused on building community within our community.

That is something we can get behind. Cheers!

For an updated food truck schedule at the brewery, visit: www.BrokerageBrewing.com/#food

-Jen Edwards, BBCo Marketing

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