Meet the BBCo Curators: and why do we call them curators, anyway?

“I love your servers,” a customer once told me, then immediately corrected himself.

“I mean curators. But why do you call them curators?” he asked.

Good question.

The dictionary defines a curator as someone who cares for something.
A guardian. 
A steward.

And that’s what the team members at Brokerage Brewing Company do. Sure, they serve your beer. But they do more than that. Dan, Jeremy, Katie, Mike, Sam and Sara were hired because they know about beer. They enjoy it. They appreciate how it’s made and what’s involved in brewing it. They understand the difference between an IPA and a stout. And they’d love to explain it to you.

If you’re familiar with the BBCo story, you know we’re about living responsibly, drinking quality, and building community. And that’s why our curators love to curate community, too. Each strives to welcome you individually from the moment you step inside and believe it or not, they also try to remember your name! 

Dan always greets you with a smile. He would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about running. He loves running. And Batman the movie. 

Jeremy can talk for hours about home brewing. The mere mention of it puts a smile on his face.

Katie: Game of Thrones and her other love – soccer. After a successful career as a player, she now coaches it.  

Our lead curator, Mike, tries never to miss the opportunity to belt out hymns on Beer and Hymns nights. He’s a darn good photographer, too. And I also consider him a “beerologist’s beerologist.” That’s a word I made up for someone who loves studying everything about beer. I mean everything. Ask him how many breweries he’s visited sometime.

Sam likes to rock climb and always remains calm under pressure. He’s a rock during busy nights in the taproom. 

And Sara enjoys talking about golf or any sport, really. Especially Purdue athletics. You’ll often see her in the taproom with friends talking about the big game - even when she’s off the clock. 

Our mission at Brokerage Brewing Company could never be fulfilled without these fine men and women and their servant hearts. I hope you appreciate them as much as I do!

-Dustin Grove, BBCo Co-owner

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