"You Keep Drinking the Beer, I'll Keep Making it!"

Brokerage Brewing Company: Live Responsibly, Drink Quality, Build Community.

That’s what we do.

As owners, we can do everything we can to build community and live responsibly. But without our brewer, you, of course, could never enjoy the drink quality part.

So I wanted to introduce you to the guy behind the beer if you haven’t met him already.

Corey Patterson is a craft beer expert. He came here from West Virginia via South Bend. He used to brew at Mishawaka-based Evil Czech Brewery and lechyd Da Brewing Company in Elkhart.

Corey says he joined Brokerage because of the idea of a community and neighborhood-oriented brewery. In addition to brewing, you will see Corey sitting at the bar and talking to folks about the craft.

“For us, beer might be the fun part, but having folks come together from all different walks of life and sharing experiences is one of the unexpected benefits of the brewing industry,” he said.  “The world needs more spaces for communities to come together or for new communities to be created, and that’s what we’re going to achieve.”

It didn’t take long for Corey to make a name for himself here. He won a gold medal at the Indiana Brewer’s Cup in the Light Hybrid Category for the first Brokerage beer he ever made – the Walking Ashland Cream Ale.

If you see Corey in the taproom, don’t hesitate to say hello. He very much looks forward to meeting you. 

-Dustin Grove, BBCo Co-owner

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