Thanks, Mom.

Ah, the old group texting thread. It’s something my mom (sorry, Cath!) just can’t quite figure out. Generally, a simple message being efficiently sent to multiple folks at once gets kerfluffled in to some off-topic comment, like, “Brokerage, is that what we’re calling the brewery?!” And that, my friends, is how our name was born.

It was a normal summer day in 2016. Like so many days leading up to that one, our minds had been wrapped up in this dream--- a neighborhood brewery. For years, we, the principals behind Brokerage Brewing Company (Brian, Laura, Dustin & Stacy) have focused on helping people call greater Lafayette home through the acquisition and sale of residential real estate. That’s right, we’re Realtors. Well, not all 4 of us, but 50% of us, at least. And, the other 50% have watched their mother-in-law selling for years!

Anyway, I (Stacy) needed to stop by “the brokerage” to grab a few things before heading up to join our family for an afternoon of fun on the lake. (We’re firm believers in work hard-play hard.) My simple group text was this, “I’m on my way. Just stopping by the brokerage to drop off some stuff.” To which came the business-naming response mentioned above, “Brokerage, is that what we’re calling the brewery!?” We laughed her off, at first, but then realized the inevitable had happened. Our mother had named our next business venture. NOT FAIR! But, like so many of Mom’s ideas, it was a good one.

Thanks, Mom.

-Stacy Grove, co-owner of BBCo

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