Who Runs This Joint?

Hmmmm… how should I organize this post?  

Simple… couples: Brian and Laura, Dustin and Stacy
Nah, that’s obvious. 

How about familial ranking: Brian (1975), Stacy (1982), Laura (1998), Dustin (2005)
That’s weird. 

Oh, lets keep it politically correct and go oldest to youngest: Laura, Brian, Dustin, Stacy
*Pause why many people realize Laura Russell is a couger.*

Oh, how about I introduce us by best looking: Dustin, Laura, Stacy, Brian
Okay, okay. We’re all smokin’ hot. I know. That one wasn’t really fair.

Well, at any rate, Brokerage Brewing Company has four owners, which is more like two families, which is more like one family (because two of us have the same genetics.)

Brian is the 30,000 ft. guy. He’s the big picture, long range, visionary dude. Sometimes this leads to terrifying conversations. Other times, he causes the more conservative partners *ahem, me* to be a little brave. He knows a few things about beer, too. 

Laura has a degree in hotel and restaurant management from Purdue. She actually knows what she’s doing. But, beyond the degree, she’s the people-est people person of the lot. She likes to drink a beer and talk to people. She also makes sure we’re in the details.

Dustin is the practical but-how-are-we-actually-going-to-do-this guy. He believes in the business, the brand, the potential for impacting lives in our community through this space… but never at the expense of who we are at the core… our families… and our God given earthly mission. 

Stacy is very serious 80% of her day, and the other 20% is left for her brain to dream up the fun and whimsey of Brokerage marketing. She loves people, too. So, between selling homes and raising kids, she pops in to meetings to keep her finger on the pulse of this space. 

So, who are the owners of Brokerage? We’re just four residents of West Lafayette, who wanted to bring something to this community that we love.

We hope you love it, too.

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