Your Neighborhood Meeting Place

An intentionally small brewery offering West Lafayette an exceptional place to share life and local beer.

The Story

Flourishing communities are built around compelling gathering places. Our aim at Brokerage Brewing Company is for our community to gather over food, drink and the valuable matters of life. Come and gather. Grab a pint. Join the story.


The Beer

Our beer will be consistent and creative, without overwhelming our patrons with options. We will accomplish this by offering a number of diverse “flagship” beers that will remain consistent throughout the year. Additionally, we will have a small number of taps that will be dedicated to the latest innovative or seasonal concoction of our brew staff, or the occasional guest brew.


The Wine

We love craft beer, but we know it is not for everyone and we want our exceptional gathering location to feel accessible to more than just the craft beer fanatic. For this reason, we will offer a small, intentionally-curated wine list.


The Food

On a daily basis, we will partner with Greek’s Pizza (located less than a block from the brewery) to sell pizza by the slice. Not feeling pizza? Feel free to bring in food from anywhere! Delivery and Hungry Boiler also welcome. Additionally, at higher traffic times, we will seek to have local food trucks on site to offer a larger variety of food options.